We’ve seen first-hand the deadly results of floods. The challenge is knowing where and when exactly the floods will take place and staying in front of the impending natural disaster. With no controlling mother nature, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and City of Huntsville are sponsoring the opportunity for anyone to come make a real difference. Once the flooding does take place, it is imperative that all departments, from public safety, transportation & FEMA, have enough resources on hand and the right information to act in real-time.

We are looking for multifunctional solutions – that is, solutions that solve more than one problem at a time. The solutions will bring together multiple stakeholders and will most likely be a mix of technology, business, behavioral change and design thinking.

Here are some ideas for the challenge:

1) Identify at risk populations; i.e. number of homes, schools, emergency response centers and industrial hazards dynamically as reporting indicates risk or threat.

2) Develop an application that has the capability to automate location information and the status of the user/family/Emergency Responder during the flood event with a hyper-local focus, potentially to include:

  • an option of picture capability.
  • backend export capability to a standard format; shapefile or KML.

3) Push Community Collaboration. Develop a capability that could push an alert/application download announcement based on proximity and identified risk.

4) Push Leadership Involvement. Develop a capability that autonomously pushes the number of potential people in need of evacuation and can represent those numbers geospatially in near-real-time.

5) Georectify social media, UAV or satellite imagery on a standard map interface (google maps, carto, open street etc).

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Christina Roy

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Rob Robertson

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Chad Tillman

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Judging Criteria

    How impactful will this solution be for its target audience? Is it scalable?
    How original is this solution?
    How well designed is this solution, from front end through to UI/UX?
    How well executed is this solution from start to finish?

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